If you could have an unlimited amount of anything in your life, what would you choose? Money? Time? Travel? These are all probably answers many of you thought of right away. Well, what if there was another choice. Something that is absolutely essential to living a productive, enjoyable life. And what is that? Energy

Out of all your daily commodities, there aren’t many things you truly can’t live without. One of those is energy. You need it to function in every aspect of your life: from something as simple as getting out of bed, making breakfast and going for a walk, all the way to grinding through that 12 hour shift, keeping up with a clean house or taking care of the family.

Look, we’ve all been there. The week is chock full of meetings, traveling, and a seemingly endless list of “to-do’s”. The sleepless nights are adding up, and all of this is finally taking its toll on your body and mind. You reach a point where even things that should excite you leave you half-asleep, moseying around like a mindless zombie.

You aren’t alone in this: fatigue is one of the most common complaints from the general public (Ewa Cwynar, M.D.) To make matters worse, constant fatigue can present itself alongside other symptoms, including poor sleep, chronic stress, lack of focus, and irritability. We all know how the sleepier we get the easier it is for us to snap, get frustrated with any problem that comes our way, even if it’s something completely trivial. This isn’t what you signed up for when you took that job, set that new goal or routine. And now you’re left thinking, is it worth it? Can I even do this?

Nutrition Runs the Game

Living life on empty isn’t the only option. No matter how bad your current situation may seem, there is a way out. Because there are many causes for this lack of energy, there are also many possible solutions. And just like with so many other lifestyle problems, those habits are where you have to look first. Diet and exercise are crucial for living optimally.

If you’re not properly fueling yourself, you won't be able to properly produce the energy you need. You need to ensure that you’re eating a sufficient amount of calories, macro and micronutrients for your daily needs - the more active you are, the more food you will require. Focus on consuming whole foods such as meats, eggs, dairy products for protein; rice, potatoes, fruits and vegetables for carbohydrates; and nuts, seeds, and healthy oils for fats. A healthy diet will supply you with the nutrients, minerals and vitamins you need to keep your body functioning like the high-quality machine it is; a supercar needs the best fuel possible.

Exercise for Energy

Next up is exercise; the best way to naturally boost your dopamine levels. Although it may sound counterintuitive, one of the best ways to kickstart your day or get out of a fatigue slump is simply exercising. The great thing is, there are infinite choices to go with: walk, bike, run, weightlift, swim, play a sport. Find what you enjoy, what fits into your schedule and leaves you wanting more so you can be consistent with it.

The reasoning behind this starts all the way within your mitochondria. When you engage in cardiovascular exercise, you force your body to use these organelles to produce energy and meet the demands you place upon your body. However, don’t think this means that if you suddenly go out and run a marathon you’ll feel like a superhero; there is a fine balance to find. If you overdo any physical activity, you might eventually end up with more fatigue than in the first place. Providing your body with sufficient stimulus without giving yourself time to recover will only dig a whole you then force your body to climb out of.

So, how would you start going about this? Just like with any new goal, start slow. Something as simple as a few 10-15 minute walks a day can cause a great deal of benefits for your overall health, energy levels, and even sleep - being outside in the sun can help regulate your circadian rhythm, leading to better sleep - and in turn, more energy. At a very basic level, fixing this issue seems so simple - but that’s in a perfect world, and unfortunately, our world is far from perfect.

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Managing Supplements

Now we’re faced with the main issue: the bustling lives we all live. Always working, always thinking, always performing. Whether your main goal is work, a sport, schooling or even family, we all rush from one thing to the next, all while trying to balance the short 24 hours we have in a day and not burning out entirely.

Packing ourselves full of coffee, energy drinks and other stimulants that are holding our brains together for dear life. But at one point, it all simply becomes too much. Too much can possibly cause more negative side effects, such as restlessness, insomnia, headaches, dehydration, and even anxiety. This is why finding the right products and amount of stimulants that work for you is crucial to managing your demanding lifestyle.

And after a long search for our solution, we finally found it in our own creation: SHARPSHOOTER. No matter how tired we were, no matter how much we had left to do in the day, week or even month, we knew we could do it. The thought of “what’s next” didn’t scare us anymore, and despite the constant training, travel, fan meetups or business calls, we had the energy and drive to push forward. Sunday night didn’t leave us dreading Monday; we looked forward to the next morning, full of new opportunities to crush the day. We created this so you could perform to your truest potential, no matter who you are or what you do. Get your energy back, and leave those excuses in the dust.

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