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The tastiest way to get sustained energy, enhanced mood, optimal focus, and more.


The tastiest way to get sustained energy, enhanced mood, optimal focus, and more.


Created to help aid you in chasing those missed opportunities and help you get the most out of your life.

Optimal Focus*

Sustained Energy*

Mood Enhancer*

Immune Support*


Reach new levels of focus, improve your mood, and increase your energy without the jitters of caffeine.

Caffeine Free*

Increase Focus*

Steady Energy*

Mental Clarity*


So ONWARD is already part of your daily routine, how does SHARPSHOOTER fit in? SHARPSHOOTER is your answer to those days when you need that focus boost that ONWARD gives you but don't want the extra caffeine. Formulated to pair perfectly with ONWARD, SHARPSHOOTER enhances your cognitive state, improves your mood, and gives you steady energy without caffeine.


"This stuff is amazing. I am 44 year old active sales coach and podcaster. This has given me tons more clarity. I am more focused and awake!"

- Joe G. (Onward)

"By far the BEST supplement out there! It gives me the perfect amount of energy to get through the day, without the afternoon slump that many caffeinated drinks bring. The flavors are great, which has helped my water intake throughout the day."

- Sarah (Onward)

"I have been using this product for the last 4 years. It's the best on the market. I'm always feeling run down and exhausted from my job. I take this every morning at 830am and it gets me through my day."

- Lisa (Onward)

"Late afternoons I have noticed my focus and drive starts to slip. Taking sharpshooter has been a great boost to get me back on track and help me power through the rest of my day!"

- Travis W. (Sharpshooter)

"This is the perfect product to take to extend your focus and productivity late into the day/night after you have already had caffeine to start the day in the morning. The focus this product gives is unlike any other product I’ve tried stim or no stim"

- Joey W. (Sharpshooter)

"Bye Bye coffee. I was a little skeptical at first, but after only one week I have replace my morning coffee. There's more focus, energy, and clarity without the crash."

- Dan H. (Sharpshooter)

"Sharpshooter gives me the boost I need to push through that 2 PM slump-while allowing me to focus on multiple tasks without feeling jittery and overly anxious! Overall better night sleep too without that late afternoon blast of caffeine :)"