Level Up Your Energy With Supplements

Level Up Your Energy With Supplements

In a perfect world, every factor of your life would be dialed in to 100%. Sleep, nutrition, exercise, daily schedule. Your performance would maximized, your mood would be through the roof every single day. Your energy wouldn’t crash, you wouldn’t have brain fog, you wouldn’t get sick and fall off track.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. No matter how much you try to optimize your life down to the tiniest aspects, you will be thrown off routine, face inconveniences, and have to face off against these problems, big or small alike. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to face these problems alone. There are ways to boost your energy, performance, and focus to give you that extra edge in life. A way to rise against the wave and conquer it head on.

Stimulants and Nootropics

Although getting plenty of sleep, consuming a nutritious and consistent diet, and exercising regularly should all be priority when pursuing an increase in energy levels, there are also plenty of supplements that can be incredibly effective and proven by countless studies over the years. While over-consuming these should certainly be avoided, relying on these for a boost here and there isn’t something that needs to be feared.

The most well known stimulant is caffeine. Everyone loves it, whether that’s in the form of coffee, energy drinks, soda, etc. It has countless effects on the body, both positive and negative. These include stimulating your nervous system, which is what causes that boost and feeling of alertness.

The other most common form of energy stimulant are nootropics. These are supplements that are taken to improve mental performance including boosting memory, focus, creativity, intelligence, and motivation. Due to their effect on brain activity, they indirectly affect energy levels as well, and are therefore used for things such as pre workouts, study tools, to keep you awake during long shifts, etc.

Although caffeine can also be considered a nootropic, these are more focused on mental performance rather than overall energy and alertness as is the case with stimulants. Due to this, they are often called “Smart Drugs”, and largely consist of ingredients that are found in ADHD medications. Because of this, it is expected that they are more regulated and frowned upon, as they can quickly lead to addiction and overconsumption.

How do they really affect you?

As with any substance, the degree as to which it will affect you will vary greatly from person to person. The most common example is caffeine tolerance; some people will be wired and ready with just 80-100mg, while others can easily down 400-500mg and still barely feel anything.

In addition, there is a risk of side effects and interactions with medications when consuming these supplements. People should speak with their doctor about the safety of any supplement before taking it. The dangers can also come from things other than the products themselves.

In fact, some supplements may not contain what their labels say. A study of rhodiola products, for example, found that some contain contaminants or other ingredients not listed on the label. Due to this, it is crucial to only purchase supplements from reputable companies that undergo independent testing.

Purchasing from safe and reputable sources

As with any industry, the supplement world is filled to the brim with underdosed, ineffective and downright harmful products. There are plenty of companies with only one goal in mind: to make as much money as physically possible, without any concern for the safety or efficacy of their products, as long as they won’t get in trouble of course. The fact that all of these supplements have disclaimers about not being FDA approved helps with this; the customer should technically be aware there is a risk with whatever they’re putting into their body.

Due to this and after personally facing many more issues over the years, we decided it was time for a change. Leading jam-packed lives with travel, meetings, fan interactions, building multiple businesses, all while also focusing on our own health and wellbeing was an uphill battle we just couldn’t win. Doing all of this with suboptimal nutrition, sleep, and energy, we knew there had to be a solution.

We created ONWARD™ as something everyone could use. A transparent product with efficacious dosages and ingredients, a natural way to boost your energy, focus, mood, and keep you pushing forward no matter what. Paired with the plethora of vitamins and minerals it supplies, you will finally stand a chance in the fight against the world. We put our all into these products so that you can fully trust it and get everything you need and more.

If you’re like us, you always want to get that extra edge over the competition. To perform at your highest level no matter your circumstances; in fact, to achieve everything you desire despite your circumstances.

However, you don’t have to do this by putting yourself and your health at risk, or by breaking the bank. Boosting your energy, feeling your best and reaching the next level should be simple, and that’s why we created Onward.

Elevate your game and continue ONWARD™

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