Immune System

Immune System

Do you ever feel like your body just never gets a break? Find yourself always getting sick, whether it’s a simple cold or the next major flu? Or maybe it’s symptoms such as fatigue, bad digestion or sleep that seem to always plague you?

If this all sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Millions of people around the world struggle with a weakened immune system, all which causes the symptoms we mentioned alongside dozens of others. As a whole, our immune system is one of the most pivotal combinations of organs, chemicals and blood cells in our body, and without it, it would be impossible to stay healthy.

When your immune system is weakened, your body is unable to fight off bacteria, viruses, fungi, or any other foreign objects attacking your body. As your body's main line of defense, it is critical for staying healthy in your daily life.

As someone living a busy lifestyle, getting sick is one of the worst things that can happen. Oftentimes, this wrench in your gears happens at the worst times possible - a week full of important meetings, vacation time, or even holidays. And despite knowing it is likely out of our control, you can’t help but think “what if..?” What if you focused more on eating enough fruits and vegetables, what if you exercised more and got more sun, what if you washed your hands or slept more?

Lifestyle Changes

The idea of boosting your immune system sounds enticing, and studies show that 58% of it is almost completely determined by non genetic factors. (Variation in the Human Immune System Is Largely Driven by Non-Heritable Influences, 2015) However, it isn’t as simple as it sounds, since as the name suggests, it’s a system - a complex combination of hundreds of pieces, all which have to harmonize to function properly. So in order to improve it, you have to focus on all aspects of it.

There are dozens of little things that add up to a healthy lifestyle: diet, exercise, minimizing stressors placed upon the body, and much more. When it comes to diet, the connection is clear: micronutrient deficiencies, malnourishment and consuming too much processed food or simple sugars will adversely affect your immune function. Since meeting your micronutrient needs through diet alone is very difficult, supplementation with vitamins, minerals and other products can help optimize the levels of everything you need. As with other aspects of health, exercise is an all around pillar for healthy living. A balanced routine of consistent cardiovascular and weight-training helps with heart health, lowers blood pressure, and combined with a nutritious diet helps control your body weight and general good health.

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Stress - The Silent Killer

Over the last few decades, the medical field has learned more and more about just how impactful stress is on both mental and physical health. When your body is chronically stressed, the high cortisol levels can lead to inflammation, heart disease, hypertension and even compromised white-blood cell function (a major part of the immune system). In addition, studies show that people with stress-related disorders are 36% more likely to develop an autoimmune disorder, which only further exacerbates the symptoms and can lead to more serious problems. This is why identifying, analyzing and avoiding key stressors in your life to the best of your abilities is essential to taking a huge step towards optimizing your health.

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Health is wealth

We truly believe the saying that health is wealth - if you’re not healthy, you’re not performing, whether that’s to your highest standard or even performing at all. So no matter how much you want to push to reach your goals, you can’t afford to do so at the price of sacrificing your health. We found ourselves in this exact same situation: always feeling run down, always climbing uphill, fighting off the symptoms till we couldn’t fight any longer. We were sick of it and knew there had to be something that wouldn’t compromise our goals and keep us in the game. With our supplements, we finally have that opportunity. With industry leading formulations, our dietary supplements are the best bang for your buck you can get. As incredibly effective combinations of nootropics, vitamins and minerals, ONWARD and SHARPSHOOTER™ are there to provide you with an opportunity. The opportunity to rise above our taxing lifestyle and still accomplish everything we set out to do. We don’t claim to have made a magic pill that will keep you healthy if you put no effort into creating a healthy lifestyle. But what we do claim is this: ONWARD™ is your support system, no matter your occupation or current circumstances. And if you combine this support system with discipline and grit to work, nothing will stop you from reaching the top.

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