We’ve all been there: sitting at your seemingly ideal desk setup, no distractions around, and a strict deadline grimly approaching; yet your mind is still wandering. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t hone in on the task at hand. You truly want to do it. But you just can’t concentrate.

Life is a nonstop race. A constant sprint from one task to another, from one place to the next, from work to sleep and right back to it the next day. How do you navigate through all of the chaos? Time management, setting clear goals, and putting your health at the top of the priority list. There are only so many opportunities to direct your energy towards each and every day, and if you don’t channel those into what matters, you’ll never grow. But how can you expect to accomplish all of this if you simply can’t focus?

We believe that focus is an essential gateway to truly thinking: problem solving, memory, learning, decision making. To effectively accomplish your goals and make the right moves, you need to be capable of accurately assessing a situation and reacting appropriately. This is a skill, just like any other, that can be improved through practice and proper training. However, there are many outside influences that impact your ability to focus.

In today's world, large amounts of information is hurled at you every second of your day. We are living at the absolute extreme of overstimulation, and yet we’re often unable to produce even a fraction of this information ourselves, especially when it’s necessary. Aren’t you tired of the constant distractions? When others expect the best of you, and all you can muster up is sub-par work full of careless mistakes, trying to jump from one task to another without finishing a single one. Where did that feeling of laser-sharp focus go, and how can you get it back?

Time Management

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. However, it seems that the most successful people accomplish a million things in such a short time. How is this possible? Effective time management to ensure they stay productive, achieve their goals, increase focus and even improve mood and reduce stress. There are many ways you can improve your daily time use, from small habits to major lifestyle changes.

One of the most important ones is setting a schedule. There are infinite calendars to find online with any theme, style and setup to fit anyone's work and daily life. By planning ahead, organizing your time, and prioritizing the most important tasks you will ensure you can get more done, on time, and at a high quality. A great mental benefit from such habits can be reduced stress; by preparing for what's to come, you can limit the unknowns that come your way.

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Goals and Distractions

By setting clear goals, you are furthering your time management skills. You can ensure you implement better goals by quantifying them: are they measurable, are they achievable, and what do they lead to next. By setting goals with clear deadlines, you can prioritize and focus your time. When a goal is achievable in a limited time span, you lessen the chance of becoming overwhelmed and unsure if you can accomplish what is needed.

Amongst the many causes are constant distractions, nutrient deficiencies in our brain, and the well known myth of multitasking. Although being efficient and getting more things done at once may seem ideal, it is often one of the very things that prevents you from being productive. No matter how much you like telling yourself that you’re one of the few people who is skilled enough to do it, you’re not. The human brain can’t seamlessly transition from one job to the next; this mental price we pay when jumping from one task to the next is called the “switching cost” (American Psychological Association, 2006).

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What role does nutrition play?

After living like this for years, we finally decided it was enough; there HAD to be something that can solve this. Throughout our time in the fitness space, we learned just how crucial proper diet and nutrition is for optimal performance, both physical and mental. Key micronutrients (vitamins, minerals) can be found in many great foods like fish, fruit, vegetables, and even roots, nuts and seeds. Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult to reach optimum levels of such vital micronutrients, especially with how nutrient-deficient soil has become over the last few decades. In order to combat this alongside our general lifestyle problem, we decided to create ONWARD™.

This was exactly what we needed to aid in our hectic days. This will help anyone - it’s not just a fitness supplement - living a lifestyle that is demanding where you need to be alert, be in a good mood, and need to keep your health. As American Author Norman Vincent Peale said, “When every physical and mental resource is focused, one’s power to solve a problem multiplies tremendously.” When you reach the level of focus you have always been meant to achieve, you will feel like a superhero. Like a ray of sunshine focused through a magnifying glass, you become a force to be reckoned with.

Ideal focus isn’t easy to achieve, but it shouldn’t be an impossible struggle. And for someone like you: someone with limited time, opportunities, and energy to direct towards your goals - someone that needs to perform - there is no time to struggle. We found that the market lacked a truly effective nootropic. One that not only elevated you to another level of focus, mood and energy, but was made with and reputable ingredient profile with things you actually want to consume. We created SHARPSHOOTER™ for this very reason. Our goal with our products is for you to live on your schedule and to break those barriers blocking you from your dreams. No matter who you are, what place in life you’re currently in, no matter how far away those dreams may be. This is your key that opens the door to focus, and if you pair that focus with unstoppable drive, you will be capable of achieving anything.

If you're ready to take this leap towards a more productive, efficient and no-excuse lifestyle, make sure to try out ONWARD™ and SHARPSHOOTER™ 

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